We want to celebrate women’s spirit with beautiful photos and heartfelt compliments. Explore below for all of the specifics:
  • How do I get Involved?open

    You can add your spirit to the celebration in two ways. The easiest way is to compliment someone on a photo they have submitted. A little more work, but potentially more rewarding, is to contribute a photo of your own. We have three easy ways to upload:

    • Instagram

      The easiest way to keep sharing. Simply tag your photos #withspirit and we’ll automatically pull them into the pool. All your friends’ comments and likes will count too! Get started with Instagram

    • Facebook

      Convenient and quick, just connect and start adding photos from your personal albums. Connect with Facebook

    • Your Device

      Choose from all of the great pictures you’ve collected over the years! Upload now

    • What counts as a celebration?open

      We look at celebrations as you showing the world your spirit. It could be a photo of something you love, or something that inspires you. Or, it could be a compliment on someone else’s photo. There are a lot of ways to say “Yay.”

      • Why is Baileys doing this?open

        The women who love Baileys have always inspired us. So we hope to create a place that celebrates just how wonderful they are: their sassy, smart, approachable, witty selves.

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